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Welcome to Ms. Dunn's Classes

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Below are links to the pages for of my current classes.       The following is a general list of required materials for all of my classes: 
Science 8               *a 3-ring binder specifically for each class to use as a Course Portfolio
Information Processing & Communication Media 10             *scientific or graphing calculator (for Math courses only)
Environmental Science 20               *writing implements (pens, pencils, and good erasers)
Foundations of Mathematics 20               *loose leaf paper
Pre-calculus 20               *headphones
Workplace & Apprenticeship Mathematics 30  
Foundations of Mathematics 30  
Pre-calculus 30  
iSITS & Info Pro 30  


I am available for help at lunch or after school most days. If you would like to set up a time for an appointment, my email address is


General Resource Page - Practice your vocabulary and help end world hunger at Free Rice