Paula Ross


ELA Students:

Welcome to semester two!  I am excited about teaching the A30 course to most of you and look forward to sharing literary works from our own country. Go Canada!



Here is the digital version of the study grid for you as you prepare for final exams...

Here is the list of definitions needed for the final exam next week...


College Applications:

As you start applying for colleges, universities, and scholarships, it's a good idea to organize your personal information in a one-page document that lists clubs, sports, awards, and achievements.  This is also a good document to give/send to people acting as a reference for you.  Please check out the linked Student Involvement Checklist.  Also, the office can prepare a Preliminary Statement of Marks for you that lists all 10, 20, 30, course marks, and indicates what courses you are enrolled in for Sem 2.