Everyone has the right to be safe.  A bully is an individual who prevents people from feeling safe by causing psychological or physical harm.  This damages the individual's self worth.  Students, staff, and parents seek to eliminate bullying from our school/community through positive leadership, reinforcement, education, remediation and disciplinary action.

It is important to differentiate between bullying and normal peer conflicts.  The difference may lie in the fact that bullying demonstrates an abnormal imbalance of strength (physical, emotional, chronological, psychological, social standing/status).  With bullying there is an implied manipulation of others.  Even though there may be no negative feelings by the targeted individual in an action of a bully, if there is an attempt to bully, the action will be regarded as an instance of bullying.  This type of behavior creates an unwanted type of atmosphere, so must be dealt with to prevent future incidents.


At KCS we strive to:


  • § Create an environment that upholds the dignity of all by providing them with a safe environment.


  • § Educate adults who work with children in the areas of recognizing bullying and effective intervention (firm compassion) through programs of in-service and communication.


  • § Educate children on how to avoid being a bully and how to avoid being bullied. This is accomplished through classroom instruction and positive out-of-school activities.





DID YOU KNOW Division I & II have EXCELLENT "Caught Being Good" programs?

Children are rewarded for displaying positive behavior in the classroom and on the playground.

Division III has become involved with a cool ‘catching our outstanding leaders' program too!